Outshine Simply Yogurt Bars, Frozen, Strawberry

No artificial colors or flavors (Added colors from natural sources). Per 1 Bar: 90 calories; 1 g sat fat (5% DV); 35 mg sodium (1% DV); 12 g sugars; 5 g protein (10% DV); calcium (10% DV). 5 g protein per bar. Gluten free. Good source of protein and calcium. No high fructose corn syrup. No added colors. No GMO ingredients (SGS verified the Nestle process for manufacturing this product with no GMO ingredients sgs.com/no-gmo). New look! Same great taste! Made with 100% yogurt. No rBST. Milk & cream from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST (No significant difference has been shown between milk from rBST treated and non-rBST treated cows). Get ready to snack brighter. Refreshingly Real: Every bite of an Outshine simply Yogurt Bar tastes like a cool oasis of ripe fruit. Made with 100% yogurt, fruit and juice, it's the creamy snack that refreshes you from the inside out. Contains live and active cultures. sgs.com/no-gmo. outshinesnacks.com. Facebook. Instagram. Freshen up your Day: outshinesnacks.com. Call or Text (Yes, really!) us Anytime: 1-800-392-4885. Try them All: Fruit Bars; Yogurt Bars; Variety Packs; Scoops. 100% Recycled paperboard. Please recycle this carton.