Texas Tamale Tamales, Gourmet, Black Bean 12 ea

One dozen. Wrapped in corn husk. 0 grams trans fat per serving. Gluten fee. Est 1985 Authentic Tex-Mex. No lard. A favorite of the lone star state! Our Story: When the founders of Texas Tamale company Set out to make the first gourmet tamale in Houston, even they could riot have predicted where it would take them. with their homemade recipes for lard free tamale, Served from a street cart (inspiration for the company's pepper cart icon), they launched Small business with a very bright future. Even though the tamales, signature sauces and other Texas staples are no longer made A la tamale cart, Texas Tamale company prides itself on gourmet quality food wills next door neighbor friendly service. Go Texan. www.texastamale.com.