Zatarain's Frozen Jambalaya Flavored With Sausage 12 oz

Jambalaya is the classic one-pot meal of New Orleans. Zatarain's Jambalaya Flavored with Sausage Packaged Meals brings this flavorful dish to your kitchen, a hearty meal with rich sausage flavor, savory vegetables and just the right amount of spice. Our Sausage Jambalaya brings authentic New Orleans flavor from the freezer to the table in minutes. This traditional Creole dinner features seasoned rice, smoked sausage, bell peppers and spices, including garlic and paprika. For spicy jambalaya, shake on your favorite hot sauce. Our frozen meal is perfect for a weekday dinner for one when cooking is a hassle or as a frozen lunch when time is short. It reheats in the microwave in just 5 minutes and comes in a convenient bowl so no cleanup is needed. This Zatarain's Jambalaya Flavored with Sausage Packaged Meals is in a Cardboard box that is 12 ounces. Keep frozen until ready to use. Do not refreeze. Refrigerate or discard leftovers.