Orca Bay Seafoods Salmon Fillets, Keta, Wild Caught

Firm texture & rich flavor. All natural seafood. Committed to sustainable seafood. 23 g protein. Low in saturated fat. 836 mg omega-3. They swim freely in our Pacific waters. They thrive on a robust diet of shrimp, fish & squid. They power their way up pristine glacial rivers. It doesn't take a marine biologist to understand how Wild Keta Salmon gain their impeccable texture, pleasing color and unforgettable flavor. This protein-packed selection is an excellent source of omega-3 & delivers menu versatility. These carefully handled fish are frozen shortly after harvest to lock in that just caught taste. Committed to Sustainable Seafood: Orca Bay is committed to environmental stewardship & sustainable fisheries management to ensure healthy stocks for generations to come. We commission and support studies to evaluate scientific data on the fisheries from which we source product. This constantly updated information helps us identify & target sustainable well managed harvests. HACCP: Packed and inspected under HACCP guidelines. All Natural Seafood: It's as simple as black & white! Make the Orca Bay whale your guide to delicious seafood choices, 100% free of artificial preservatives, colors or trans fats. Let 2 servings of all natural seafood a week put your diet on a healthy course while opening up a word of great tasting, memorable meals. Visit us at orcabayseafoods.com. Product of USA.