V8 Bloody Mary Mix, Original 46 fl oz

Make happy hour a little easier with V8 Bloody Mary Mix. Made with tomato juice and a perfect blend of spices, this non-alcoholic cocktail mix packs a punch to make every sip as delicious as the next. This V8 drink mix contains no MSG, high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors. V8 Bloody Mary mix is a time-saving option to make delicious cocktails for your next brunch or happy hour gathering. It's ready to blend with your choice of alcohol to create a delicious and impressive Bloody Mary with minimal kitchen time. Or skip the alcohol altogether and simply enjoy this vegetable juice drink mix as is with your favorite garnishes. The bottles are easy to store and help keep this cocktail mixer fresh until you're ready to enjoy it. Experience the delicious taste of V8: The Original Plant-Powered Drink.