V8® Orange Pineapple Vegetable Juice Beverage 64.000 fl oz

Quench your thirst with the refreshing taste of V8 Splash® Orange Pineapple Flavored Juice Beverage. This 5% juice blend is made from concentrated carrot juice with the natural flavors of orange and pineapple for a tasty drink with a satisfying splash of delicious fruit flavor. V8 Splash® Orange Pineapple juice beverage contains 25% less sugar than leading juice drink brands,* plus Antioxidant C and B Vitamins. It’s also gluten free and fat free. With only 50 calories per serving, V8 Splash® is a lower calorie alternative to orange juice and apple juice. Serve a cold glass of this fruit flavored drink in the morning or as part of an after-school snack. V8 Splash® is also delicious in homemade smoothies and makes a great mocktail or cocktail mixer. In addition to Orange Pineapple, V8 Splash® Juice is also available in Strawberry Kiwi, Fruit Medley, and other refreshing fruit flavors. (*Per 8 fl oz: Leading shelf stable brands, 17g; Splash, 11g)