Monster Juice Energy Drink, Khaos

Energy + juice. L-carnitine + B. Vitamins + taurine. Our pro athletes are always looking for an edge, so when they've got an idea we listen. After months in the lab we perfected the Juice Monster. We started with our original Monster flavor, mixed in a killer combo of fruit juices, then powered it up with the full load of our energy blend and stood back. It's Alive - Khaos, an insane Juice-Monster hybrid bubbling with the great Monster taste and the big bad buzz you know and love. 30% juice - 100% Monster! 30% juice. Monster Energy Blend: Glucose, taurine, panax ginseng extract, caffeine, guarana extract, l-carnitine, glucuronolactone, inositol, maltodextrin. Caffeine From All Sources: 77 mg per 8 fl oz serving (154 mg per can). Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube.