Monster Energy Drink, Energy Iced Tea 15.5 Oz

Tea + orangeade + energy. 10 calories (10 calories per 8 fl oz serving). Non carbonated. We know a good thing when we got one. Our original Rehab is killin' it with drinkers, who want something different in an energy drink. Something refreshing, great tasting that still gets the job done. Rehab Orange combines orange pekoe tea, our proprietary Monster Rehab energy blend and OJ to deliver a triple threat that quenches thirst, fires you up, and is the perfect choice after a hard day's night. Monster Rehab Tea + Orangeade + Energy: Re-fresh, re-hydrate, re-vive or in other words, Re-habilitate with a killer mix of tea, OJ, electrolytes, and our badass Monster Rehab energy blend. Rehab the beast! Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. 3% juice. Monster Rehab Energy Blend: Glucose, taurine, Panax ginseng extract, caffeine, l-carnitine, Glucuronolactone, guarana extract, inositol, quercetin. Caffeine from all sources: 81 mg per 8 fl oz serving (157 mg per can).