Bigelow Oolong Tea, Classic, Tea Bags 20 ea

Family tea blenders since 1945. Tea bags individually wrapped in foil pouches. Freshness stays in air and moisture stay out. Carefully Selected Ingredients: Oolong ranges from light to dark but is neither a black or a green tea, it's in a distinct class of its own. The art of crafting Oolong is demanding but certainly worth the effort. The unique flavor profile requires meticulous attention to detail including color, aroma, and taste. Our brew is on the bolder side yet smooth with a lovely, toasty finish. This exceptional tea is simply delicious on its own or when paired with your favorite food. One sip and you can truly taste why we love our special Oolong tea. - The Bigelow Family. Cindy Bigelow, President & CEO, 3rd Generation. Appreciating the beauty of a quality tea. Every cup counts. Protected in Foil: To maintain the integrity of our carefully selected ingredients, we wrap each tea bag in a foil pouch to ensure the fullest flavor, freshness, and aroma. Our Family is Proud of Our Recipe: This tea has been carefully selected by the Bigelow family to deliver an uncompromised quality tea experience. Ours is a rich and mellow blend with a lovely toasted finish without any bitterness. It took our family years to select the perfect Oolong, one sip and you will see why it was well worth the search. Proud to be: Zero-landfill company. Green-e. Made with 100% certified renewable energy. Ethical tea partnership. Certified B Corporation. Simply Doing the Right Thing: This certification recognizes our commitment to the highest standards of social and environmental impact.