Bigelow Black Tea, Spiced Chai, Tea Bags 20 Ea

Family tea blenders since 1945. 25 tea bags individually wrapped in foil pouches. Freshness stays in. Air and moisture stay out. Settling is not an option: We use only the highest quality ingredients which is why our relationship with our spice partner has lasted for over 30 years. They source beautiful spices, in their rawest form, from all over the world. Like us, they are a family owned American company, who share the same values and high quality standards as we do. Their attention to detail is second to none as purity and safety are upheld above all else. It's reassuring they also agree that settling is not an option when it comes to these very special ingredients. - The Bigelow Family. Assorted spices from all over the world. Protected in Foil: To maintain the integrity of our carefully selected ingredients, we wrap each tea bag in a foil pouch to ensure the fullest. Flavor, freshness and aroma. Our Family is Proud of Our Recipe: Each ingredient below has been carefully selected by the Bigelow family to deliver an uncompromised quality tea experience. Our Spiced Chai is a perfect blend of rich black tea and flavorful bolds spices. Try it on its own or with a little milk and sweetener. Proud to be: Zero-landfill company. Green-e: Made with 100% certified renewable energy. Ethical Tea Partnership. Our folding cartons are recyclable. Our tea bags are compostable. Certified B Corporation. Simply doing the right thing. This certification recognizes our commitment to the highest standards of social and environmental impact.