Bai Antiwater 28.4 Oz

Super purified water infused with antioxidants. The Future is Clear: Anti is for antioxidants. That second part is for good 'ol H2O. Together, it's the next generation of hydration - you could call this re-release of water H2.O. We uploaded antioxidants, which help create a firewall against free radical damage. Bai antiwater was designed for your taste buds and developed for nature's most powerful operating system - the human body. Super. Pure and Simple: We're super proud of our purification process. The guys with the hairnets and high IQs call it aseptic flash sterilization. We simply call it clean. Our bottles take steam baths, not showers, as part of a super purified process that delivers pure, superlative taste. Learn more about super purification and the power of antioxidants at: Electrolytes. Antioxidants (per bottle): 25 mcg selenium. Caffeine free. 50 mg of coffeefruit extract. Certified kosher. Pet 1 (BPA-free). Never hot filled. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. (hashtag)DrinkBai.