Smash Mallow Marshmallows 4.5 oz

80 calories per serving. Simple ingredients. Deliciously non GMO. Step into grandma's kitchen. Deeelish! Can you see that? Mounds of doughy goodness mixed with delightful chocolate chips. Sweet, salty, chocolatey and oh so smooth. It's a flavor smashup. A scrumptious spoonful of indulgent deliciousness. This is no ordinary marshmallow. This is Smash Mallow. Each mouth-watering puff is made from only the very best naturally sourced and deliciously non GMO ingredients for an instant sweet-tooth satisfying pick me up. And at around 80 calories per serving, it's a guilt-free, every-day, any-time of day treat for your taste buds. Discover your snackapade. Join the fun. (hashtag)snackapade.