Doctor Drain Septic Treatment, Natural

Reformulated 3x concentrate. Single flush formula. Helps prevent septic backup (with regular pumping as needed). Eliminates septic odors. Digests protein oils, grease & paper. 1 month dose. Treats up to 1500 gallons. Use monthly to help prevent septic backup (with regular pumping as needed). Use Doctor Drain once a month to keep your septic system operating at maximum efficiency, preventing backups and controlling odors. Doctor Drain's 3x concentrated formula works naturally to break down solid organic waste, paper and grease. In fact Doctor Drain contains up to 10 times more active bacteria than Rid-X (Based on independent lab tests.) and other products. Doctor Drain has been designed to protect the environment as well as your septic system: single flush formula - uses less water, saving natural and financial resources; concentrate - more product per container eliminates over-packaging; all natural formula - safe for pipes and plumbing. Made in the USA.