Reese's Candy Bar, Outrageous 1.48 oz

REESE'S OUTRAGEOUS! is there for the days when you have an outrageous appetite and want to snack on some sweet flavor—but can't choose just one. Try crunchy REESE'S Pieces, gooey caramel and creamy peanut butter all wrapped up in the perfect layer of smooth milk chocolate for a treat you won't soon forget. This 1.48 ounce individually wrapped single bar is perfect for your on-the-go snacking whims. Get a few for your office snack drawer or daily lunch boxes, and don't forget any movie nights you have planned! If you're looking to be a neighborhood favorite on trick or treat night, pick up some REESE'S OUTRAGEOUS! regular size bars and watch as the season's witches and warlocks choose to bypass the trick and go straight for the treat. Ready for a new way to enjoy this delicious candy? Try chilling it in the fridge or freezer, or melt a full bar on top of your favorite cake recipe. No matter its form and no matter its temperature, this chocolate candy treat is sure to be delicious.