Holland House Cooking Wine Sherry

Holland House Sherry Cooking Wine is the key to more flavorful dishes. Made with high quality ingredients, this sherry cooking wine will elevate recipes and inspire the chef within. Holland House Cooking Wine is crafted especially for cooking, adding depth and rich flavor to any dish. Holland House Sherry Cooking Wine has a light golden color and sweet aroma with hints of nut and caramel, great for adding depth to a variety of dishes. Pair with desserts to balance out the sweetness and succulent veggies like mushrooms or brussels sprouts to add rich flavor. This sherry cooking wine is seasoned to perfection and with a dry sherry wine aroma, it offers a bold flavor, perfect for cooking and baking. Add a splash of this sherry cooking wine to a marinade, cooking sauce, or as a finishing touch to an elegant meal. This 16 fl. oz. bottle of sherry cooking wine is shelf stable and is ready to use in recipes. Holland House Cooking Wines are perfect for just that… cooking. Using fine grapes and perfectly blended seasonings, our cooking wines offer bold flavor intensity that you can taste in every bite. Fill life with flavor.