Primizie Flatbread Crisps, Simply Salted 6.5 oz

Chef crafted. Made with French velvet grey sea salt. Grilled and crisped. Non GMO Project verified. Vegan. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Minimal ingredients. Corn free. The best from everywhere. It's the little things. Like getting back to basics with sel gris a soft crumble of grey sea salt hand harvested in the traditional Celtic method from the shores of Brittany on the French Atlantic coast. Buttery and bright, this bit of polish shines up the toastiness in all its honest, glory. Simplicity is perfection. - Mark + Lisa. Primizie means beginning in Italy, where our founders, Chef Mark and wife Lisa sought the start of their signature appetizers. Simply salted flatbread crisps are super versatile, a perfect part of any cheese or cured meat board or any dip of choice. Let's share stories. Facebook/primiziesnacks. Twitter (at)primizie. Instagram (at)primizie_snacks. Pinterest/primizie_snacks. Try all our culinary travel-inspired flavors. Born and bread in Austin, TX. Made in the USA.