Quaker Rice Cakes, Salt Free 4.47 Oz

35 calories. 9 g whole grain per cake. Gluten free. Satisfying whole grain crunch! Quaker Rice Cakes satisfy your craving for a crunchy snack that won't make you feel weighed down. And because they're popped, and made with 9 grams of whole grains, they also satisfy your need to snack smarter. Eat them right out of the bag, or top them with a tasty spread to mix things up. Try Salt Free Rice Cakes with peanut butter, jelly, hummus, or your favorite dip! With seven delicious flavors, you'll never run out of options. White Cheddar. Buttered Popcorn. Chocolate Crunch. Lightly Salted. Apple Cinnamon. Caramel Corn. For more information, visit www.QuakerRiceSnacks.com.