HOSTESS Patriotic Cupcakes, Creamy Filling, 8 Count, 12.7 oz

Set off the fireworks for limited edition HOSTESS red, white, and blue themed cakes. LIVE YOUR MOSTESS with Patriotic CupCakes, Strawberry DONETTES, Star Spangled DING DONGS, and Red, White, and Blue TWINKIES. Star Spangled CupCakes take on a whole new look with fun blue icing and a red squiggle. The yellow cake is moist as ever with creamy filling. Strawberry DONETTES are equally moist, covered in glaze and popping with strawberry flavor. Star Spangled DING DONGS are knocking at your door with golden cake filled with creme and covered with delicious white fudge. And when you're craving TWINKIES, get that classic flavor you love with fun Red, White, and Blue TWINKIES sprinkle inclusions. Celebrate snack time with HOSTESS any time.