JOLLY RANCHER Assorted Original Fruit Flavored Candy Canes, Christmas, 5.28 oz, Box (12 Pieces)

It's that time of year again — the weather may be frightful, but the candy is so delightful! These JOLLY RANCHER treats are the perfect holiday candy to use as stocking stuffers and gift décor if you want to celebrate Christmas in a fun, fruity way this year. JOLLY RANCHER candy canes present popular blue raspberry, cherry and green apple original fruit flavors for your snacking and sharing enjoyment. These sweet treats are as entertaining as they are tasty! Stuff your holiday stockings, fill your candy bowls, deck out your decorative candy display and enhance classic holiday cakes and cookies. If you want to save these fruity candies for later, you're in luck. Thanks to their convenient individual wrappers, you can decorate your Christmas tree, doorknobs and crafts with these unique candy canes by hanging a delectable fruity treat from each. Kosher-certified JOLLY RANCHER candy canes will give your Christmas celebrations a fun and fruity twist of pleasure — you'll have to taste it to believe it!