ICE BREAKERS Strawberry flavored Breath Mints, Mint Candy, 1.3 oz, Tin

A blast of fruity strawberry flavored deliciousness with cooling crystals all in one tiny mint? It's like your two favorite things have finally found each other. ICE BREAKERS DUO Strawberry Flavored Mints are your go-to when you want to invigorate your taste buds and freshen up your breath. After your morning or midday coffee, pop a DUO into your mouth for immediate coolness and the refreshing taste of strawberry flavored candy. These combined mints are great snacks after a meal or when you need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Keep them on you no matter the occasion so you can show up calm, cool and collected with fresh breath and a smile. The sugar-free ICE BREAKERS Mints come in a nifty, hand-held capsule that you can slip into smaller spaces for easy access. It also has two openings for when you need a single mint or a handful to share with friends.