Neutrogena Micro Polish, Resurfacing, Bright Boost 2.6 Oz

Awakens 100% of dull skin cells for visibly refreshed, instantly brighter skin. Accelerated brightening complex. New. Dermatologist recommended brand. Dual action exfoliation removes skin-aging dullness and brings out radiance with 3x the polishing power of a normal scrub. Dual action exfoliation provides both gentle chemical and physical resurfacing. Formulated with naturally-derived skin smoothers and Glycolic and Mandelic AHAs to help dissolve impurities of dull skin for a visibly brighter, smoother look. Suitable for all skin tones. Oil-free. Alcohol-free. Non-comedogenic. Formulated with: Accelerated Brightening Complex. Provides dual action exfoliation with naturally-derived skin smoothers and Glycolic and Mandelic AHAs. This technology is clinically proven to work on all skin tones to resurface, brighten and smooth. Formulated to brighten the appearance of dull, tired looking skin. Helps smooth skin for a renewed, more radiant look today and tomorrow. Recommended Neutrogena Bright Boost daily Regimen to brighten, smooth, and helps restore luminosity to tired-looking, dull skin: Prep: Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish. Boost: Bright Boost Illuminating Serum. Moisturize: Bright Boost Gel Cream. Protect: Bright Boost Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Questions? 800-582-4048; Outside US, dial collect 215-277-8755 or