Arm & Hammer Air Filter, Allergen 1 ea

Up to 3 months of filtration performance. Unscented odor. Fighting power. Advanced odor control. The standard of purity. 87% Effective at reducing large airborne particles. Electrostatically charged attracts microscopic dust and allergens. Reduce: Pollen, pet dander, dust mite debris, dust, household lint, mold spores, microscopic allergens, odors, smoke, VOC's. Outperforms basic pleated non-electrostatic filters (Basic pleated non-electrostatic filter is a 3 months filter with MERV calling less than MERV’s). Maximum Allergen Reduction: Highly effective at reducing large airborne allergens like pollen, mold spores & ragweed. Engineered to reduce microscopic particles in the air like dust, smoke & pet dander. Maximum Odor Reduction: Odors come in different types. That’s why Arm & Hammer Maximum 1600 attacks household odors with powerful ingredients on different levels. Free filter reminder service. 87% Reduction of large airborne particles. 45% Reduction of common airborne household odors. Protect plus air.