Fit Organic Laundry Detergent, Free And Clear 100 Oz

150 HE loads/75 standard. USDA organic. Oregon Tilth: Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Fit Organic laundry detergent provides a unique approach to cleaning your home laundry. Using organically certified ingredients, Fit Organic is able to power away tough stains and remove entrapped odors from athletic wear, while still being gentle on your skin. Its super-concentrated formula cleans all the way down to the fiber, while leaving no residue behind that can make your clothes stiff or irritating. Unlike other so-called natural brands, Fit Organic Laundry contains no synthetic detergents and no artificial surfactants of any kind. Instead, we make organic soaps the way it was done over a hundred years ago. We start with only certified organic plant-based oils and mix them together with natural minerals to create our unique formula. Cruelty free. Not animal tested. Certified vegan. HE: For top & front-loading washers. No dyes. No perfumes. GMO free. Safe for both high efficiency (HE) and top loading machines. 1,4 dioxane free & no petroleum sourced ingredients. Non-toxic & completely biodegradable. Safe for septic systems. Contains no phosphates, ultraviolet brighteners, dyes or perfumes. Questions? Visit Safe for sensitive skin. Contains no phosphates. Non-toxic. No dyes & no artificial perfumes. Safe for septic tanks. No SLS (sodium coco sulfate). Safe for greywater.