Sparkling Ice, Oh so Refreshing!

Sparkling Ice® is a fruityflavorful sparkling water—without all the sugar. That’s because they have natural flavors, vitamins and antioxidants, and zero sugar.  Not bad for water, huh? Yeah, water! Now you can treat yourself with the newest flavor Ginger Lime and our BOGO that’s happening now at all Reasor’s. Buy 3 Sparkling Ice 17 oz. any flavors and get 1 Ginger Lime for FREE, until March 8. 

Sparkling Ice Ginger Lime is a refreshing, full flavored sparkling water that kicks with spicy ginger and chills with lime.

Try these mixed cocktails to spice up your drink.

Brunch Bae Recipe Ginger, Aw Snap Kentucky Donkey