Triple S Farms

Triple S Farms is owned and operated by Virgil & Dennis Slagell. These brothers were born in to a farming family and have been associated with agriculture their entire lives.

They established Triple S Farms in 1978 with their cousin, Stephen. At that time Triple S was primarily an agricultural services business harvesting forage as well as commercially applying fertilizer and chemicals.

Over the past years Triple S has expanded and developed into a diversified fruit, vegetable and commodity farming operation. This diversification is due, in part, to the Triple S utilzation of the Rush Springs aquifer for irrigation.

This recharged aquifer underlays much of the Triple S farmland in Western Oklahoma and is a reliable source of high quality water. They value the ethical, sustainable, and innovative production of food. As a third generation family farm they seek to combine available technology with on farm innovation to be a low cost and profitable producer. Triple S Farms headquarters is located north of the small community of Hydro, OK.