Reasor’s New Items

Posted on March 8th, 2019

We have always been proud to have a wide variety of items for our customers.  That means bringing in the newest items on the market!  Check out these new items now available at Reasor’s.


Amelia French Style Yogurt:

There are many things that make locally made Amelia French Style Yogurt unique.  We’ll start with the ingredients.  It is made with whole milk, which gives it a creamier texture. It only has natural ingredients like raw sugar, natural fruits and 100% Maple Syrup.  It is packaged in clay jars to protect the flavor and texture, plus they are re-useable over and over again so it is protective of our environment. Currently there are eleven different flavors, and planning for more!

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Drink:

Apple Cider Vinegar can now be enjoyed as a refreshing drink!  Pomegranate-gojo berry was the winner of the 2016 Best Beverage Award in Vegan Health and Fitness magazine.! It is Certified Organic in accordance with the USDA Organic Standards and is full of the same ingredients as their standard Apple Cider Vinegar.

Green Valley Organic Beans, Vegetables or Rice:

Green Valley Organics believes that organic vegetables and products are good for you, and good for you is good for all.   Their mission is to grow delicious and affordable organic foods, good for all.  Organic Valley Organics are all Certified USDA Organic.

Bueno Enchiladas:

Bueno Foods was started by the Baca brothers in New Mexico.  It started out as a grocery store in 1946, but as stores got larger, they found they needed to up their game.  In 1951, they started offering a carry-out program of their mother’s delicious recipes and Bueno Foods was born. With the rise of frozen vegetables and the invention of the chest freezer, they sought a way to “preserve their heritage”.  Bueno Enchiladas are comfort food at its finest, with fresh ingredients and full of authentic flavor.  This family-owned company, even after half a century, still seeks to provide its customers with consistent quality and customer service.

From the Ground Up Cauliflower Pretzels or Crackers:


These gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and USDA Organic certified crackers and pretzels are as good for you as they taste!  Made with real cauliflower and plant based, these crackers are full of flavor in several varieties like Nacho, Cheddar and Sea Salt!  Snack guilt free with From the Ground Up Cauliflower Pretzels or Crackers.

Post Hostess Cereals:

Enjoy the deliciousness of Hostess treats, now available in the form of a cereal!  Breakfast never tasted so sweet!  Try amazing varieties like Hostess Donettes, Honey Bun or even Golden Oreo O’s or Nilla Wafers!

Equally Yolked Organic Free Range Eggs:

We are proud to offer these organic eggs from free-range chickens raised right here in Oklahoma!  These eggs are Certified USDA Organic, Certified Humane and taste delicious.  Support local companies by purchasing Equally Yolked Eggs at locally owned Reasor’s.

Seventh Generation Air Disinfectant:

Eliminate odors and kill household germs with this no-rinse required Disinfectant Spray. With the active ingredient Thymol (present as a component of Thyme Oil), this disinfectant spray kills cold and flu viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces.  It is non-flammable and powered by compressed air.

Waterloo Sparkling Beverages:

Waterloo Sparkling Beverages are made in Austin, Texas.  This sparkling water is made with no synthetic ingredients, it is all natural and are top-shelf quality.  It is also free of sugar, sweeteners, sodium and other additives.  The natural flavors are derived from the fruit used in the different varieties.  By using the natural extracted fruit essences and oils, they create true-to-fruit flavors.  Waterloo is also certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Whole30 Approved.  A sparkling water you can feel good about drinking!

Quest Pizza:


Quest is at it again, this time creating a pizza that doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrition. These pizzas have a special thin crust that is rich in protein.  This pizza is a pizza that everyone can enjoy.  Each one has 20-28 grams of protein and 5-6 grams of net carbs per serving.  Life is better when you can feed your cravings.

Simply Cheetos Puffs:

Simply put, SIMPLY snacks have a great taste, with no artificial flavors or colors to get in the way. They’re the ones that make you feel good about sharing with the people you love most!  We are now carrying Simply Cheetos Puffs, all the great Cheetos flavor without the guilt!

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine:

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine is the newest product line to be added to the brand’s portfolio. The 16oz cans are available in five flavor varieties, including Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Triple Citrus, Strawberry Citrus and Orange Passionfruit.  It contains 70mg of caffeine, zero sugar, zero calories, antioxidants and vitamins and comes in a convenient, easy open can format and is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of fizz.

HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Snack Puffs:

Give Peas a chance! HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs are made from the humble, but mighty legume baked into a light and crunchy puff.  They are totally organic, gluten-free and vegan, a great source of protein and high in fiber.  AND, you aren’t sacrificing taste!  With awesome flavors like bohemian barbecue and vegan white cheddar your taste buds are bound to have a party!

Mamma Chia Vitality Drink:

Tiny seeds with a big impact. Inspired by the chia that we celebrate in our products, Mamma Chia’s humble beginnings have always been driven by a vision of sharing the Magic of Chia® with the world! We are dedicated to offering the highest quality organic plant-based superfoods and beverages that provide vitality, energy and strength.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream:

It’s what’s inside that counts, right? Or what’s on the outside? Only one way to find out. Grab a My/Mo. Feel the curious coolness in your hand. Stretch it. Squeeze it. Take a nibble. Take a bite. Sink your tongue in and savor the flavor. Lick the powder off your lips. Wrap up that one last creamy, mochilicious mouthful. Verdict? Sweet mochi exterior, or velvety ice cream interior? You may just need another to decide.

Cocavo Raw Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut and Avocado Oil:



Cocavo uses extra virgin coconut and avocado oils that are raw, naturally organic, cold pressed, contain no additives, contaminants or trans-fats and are naturally cholesterol free.

Stumptown Organic Coffee:

Our coffees are generally considered a ‘medium’ roast. The whole truth is that we source really high quality coffees and roast each coffee just enough to bring out the best of what’s inherent in those particular beans. Typically, our blends are more medium roast and our single origin coffees are on the lighter end of the spectrum.

We don’t add any flavorings to our coffee. We use tasting notes on our packaging and on our website as a way for us to describe nuances in each coffee, noticing things like brightness, sweetness and body. Do not be alarmed if you can’t taste orange or clove in your cup. Flavor only matters in the context of you. What do you like? Are you looking for a full-bodied cowboy coffee, or a delicate, tea-like finish?