Supplies for Schools Raises over $60,000 in School Supplies for Area Schools

We are extremely excited to announce another record breaking year for our Supplies for Schools Campaign. This year, over $60,000 was donated, surpassing last year’s total by $18,000! A total of $15,019 was collected from donation cards, sold at the cashier stands in our stores. These collected funds will be used to purchase additional school… Read more

Which is more important, the wine or the wine glass you drink it from?

The shape of any wine glass effects the taste of the wine.  Your tongue can distinguish five distinct tastes and your nose can differentiate between 10,000 different smells.  The speed and concentration that the aroma of wine is delivered to the nose and the way the wine spread on the tongue dramatically affects the drinker’s… Read more

10 Ways to Not Count Calories but Make the Calories Count

You may have seen me on the news not too long ago talking about why counting calories is not a sustainable lifestyle change for health and weight management. When I work with clients I prefer to take the focus off the calories of each food and look more at the nutritional density of that food… Read more

Hatch Chile Roasting 2018

The true taste of New Mexico has arrived in Oklahoma!  Hatch Chiles are now available at Reasor’s, but you better hurry, because these chiles are only available for a short period of time! Hatch Chiles are famous for their unique flavor. They have been featured in numerous publications and are growing more popular each year!… Read more

Salty Coconut & Turmeric Popcorn

Ingredients: 1/3 cup popcorn kernels (makes ~8 c) 2 T coconut oil (unrefined, virgin) 1 T ground turmeric 2 tsp coarse sea salt Directions: Heat a deep-bottomed pot or Dutch oven on medium-high heat. Add the coconut oil and a few popcorn kernels. When at least one of the kernels pops, add the remaining kernels… Read more