Supplies for Schools Recap 2019

We are extremely excited to announce another successful year for our Supplies for Schools Campaign. This year, over $46,448 was donated!

A total of $10,501 was collected from donation cards, sold at the cashier stands in our stores. These collected funds will be used to purchase additional school supplies.
There were 2,183 pre-made sacks filled with the most needed supplies purchased and placed in our donation bins.
The combined numbers for the Back to School Floral bouquets and Sparkling… read more “Supplies for Schools Recap 2019”

Beat the Heat: Hydration

I don’t know about you but every time summer comes around I find myself being so much thirstier. Just a coincidence? Not quite.  Whether you are swimming, going to the local park, or doing other outside activities, it is easy to get dehydrated when you are spending time in the sun. If your childhood was anything like mine, the first thing I grabbed for on a hot day was some ice cream and a cold can of soda. Do not… read more “Beat the Heat: Hydration”