Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive 2018

Reasor’s is proud to once again partner with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma for the 2018 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Annually, this drive raises over 250,000 pounds of food to be distributed to the hungry families in our community, making it the largest food drive of the year. April 25th – May 15th each Reasor’s location will be setup with a drop off location at the main entrance, here you will have the opportunity to purchase a… read more “Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive 2018”

How To: Reduce Food Waste (An Intern’s Perspective)

With Earth Day quickly approaching we wanted to reflect on the ways we can help make an impact by just reducing food waste. Kerri, one of our dietetic interns, shows some simple and easy ways you can make small changes to make our planet a little more green and sustainable.

Meal Planning
Planning each meal in advance cuts waste by reducing the amount you are buying. Learning portion sizes and only buying what is needed for recipeshelps to reduce waste.Before… read more “How To: Reduce Food Waste (An Intern’s Perspective)”

The Best Tool for Healthy Eating

It may seem a little outdated but sometimes the best things are things that are tried & true, like keeping a food diary. Ok, so this diary is a little different than that middle school diary you use to write in every night.

One of my favorite things about a food diary is that it puts the ownership on you, cue that big word, ACCOUNTABILITY. Accountability is so important when trying to stick with a new nutrition plan and what… read more “The Best Tool for Healthy Eating”