Tips for a Healthy Backyard Barbecue!

The summertime is upon us and that means more time spent outside soaking up that Vitamin D! Some of my favorite activities include grilling out poolside while enjoying some extra time with family and friends. If you are like me, you may be tempted to reach for the easy and convenient snacks filled with large amounts of sodium and sugar… which can make obtaining adequate nutrients is going to be extremely difficult. Keep reading to find out some healthier tips,… read more “Tips for a Healthy Backyard Barbecue!”

Tracking Macros

You’ve heard of them before but do you know what they are? Macros is short for the term macronutrients. Macronutrients are the ‘major’ nutrients that contribute calories (or energy) to our food and beverages. We need macronutrients in much larger amounts and they make up most of what we eat each and every day. Whereas micronutrients are nutrients we need in smaller amounts and don’t contribute much in the way in terms of calories, think vitamins and minerals.
The read more “Tracking Macros”

Reasor’s Collects Almost $58,000 for Stamp Out Hunger Campaign

April 24th – May 14th each Reasor’s location was setup with a drop off location at the main entrance, where customers had the opportunity to purchase a pre-made sack with the most needed items for $15 or drop off a non-perishable food donation.
With your help, 2672 $15 sacks were sold.  Customers were also given an opportunity to donate any amount at the register with a donation card.  After all donations were counted, the total between cash donations and pre-made… read more “Reasor’s Collects Almost $58,000 for Stamp Out Hunger Campaign”

Reasor’s New Items for May

Blue Bunny Blue Ribbon Classic Novelties:
Strawberry Shortcake: Thick strawberry flavored center surrounded with smooth vanilla flavored reduced fat ice cream rolled in cake crunch.
Chocolate Éclair: Thick chocolate center surrounded with smooth vanilla flavored reduced fat ice cream rolled in a cake crunch.
Talenti Gelato Layers:
Talenti Gelato Layers is here. Seven fully-loaded new flavors. Five hand-crafted layers in each. One unforgettable bite, after bite, after bite. Try Salted Caramel Truffle, Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake, Vanilla Fudge Cookie, Black Raspberry… read more “Reasor’s New Items for May”