Reasor’s Partners with Affair of the Heart

Once again Reasor’s is helping you save money on your tickets to Affair of the Heart.  You can save $1 off of admission when you order tickets online* by July 8th, or just simply show your Reasor’s Rewards card at the show.
Affair of the Heart is a widely known arts and crafts festival.  Since 1995 Affair of the Heart has been a go-to event for unique and often handmade items.  An Affair of the Heart is a… read more “Reasor’s Partners with Affair of the Heart”

Ask Your Reasor’s Dietitian: Mushrooms

Today’s question comes from Bayley: “What good are mushrooms? What nutritional value do they offer?” That is a great question, Bayley! Mushrooms are not only nutrient dense but they are also easy to incorporate into a lot of the meals you are already eating! Personally, they are one of my favorite vegetables and are something I frequently incorporate into the meals I cook at home. So let’s dive right in…..
1. Mushrooms can naturally contain Vitamin D
Vitamin D has… read more “Ask Your Reasor’s Dietitian: Mushrooms”

Food by the Trimester: 2nd Tri

If you are reading this then hopefully you have made it to your second trimester and starting to feel more like yourself again! The second trimester is a favorite for most because instead of nausea and fatigue you are feeling hungry and energized, you can learn your baby’s sex, you will probably start to feel baby moving, and you will actually be sporting your baby bump! If you are still in your first trimester you can check out my blog… read more “Food by the Trimester: 2nd Tri”