Preparing for the Coronavirus?

Posted on March 10th, 2020

Preparing for Coronavirus… We’re in this together.

At Reasor’s, our top priority is taking care of our customers. While the emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is an evolving situation with many unknowns, we are sure of one thing: We will do our part to help our fellow Oklahomans prepare. Effective March 20, 2020 we will be respectfully requesting customers to reserve the 6:00 am – 7:00 am shopping time each day for those shoppers who are at a higher risk of severe illness by COVID-19, which includes older adults (60+) and individuals who have compromised immune systems.

We understand our customers want to prepare by stocking up on the essentials. To provide access for all our customers, some product quantities may be limited.

While our customers might find our supply of some products low or temporarily out of stock, please rest assured knowing that we’re maintaining close contact with our suppliers and our partners are working around-the-clock to keep our shelves stocked. We encourage customers to check back with us if they cannot find what they need, as we’ll continue to restock our products as we receive supplies.

Items that are low or temporarily out of stock include the following:
Hand Sanitizer
Face Masks
Household Cleaners and Wipes