New Items at Reasor’s

We have always been proud to have a wide variety of items for our customers.  That means bringing in the newest items on the market!  Check out these new items now available at Reasor’s.
Pepperidge Farm Epic Crunch Goldfish Baked Tortilla Snacks:

Snack time has hit EPIC heights with Pepperidge Farm’s New Epic Crunch Baked Tortilla Snacks.  Bigger in size than regular Goldfish, these tortilla snacks have bold flavor and BIG crunch!  With flavors like Epic Crunch Nacho,… read more “New Items at Reasor’s”

Nutrition on a Budget

I hear a lot of folks tell me that eating healthy just isn’t as cheap… and I’d have to argue that eating healthy can not only be affordable but can also cost equal or less than it’s not-so-healthy counterpart, if done right. Did you know, in 2008 obesity alone costed the US over 147 billion dollars in medical care? Talk about expensive!

Here are some of my own personal tips & tricks to saving a buck while still eating a… read more “Nutrition on a Budget”

Will Apple Cider Vinegar Cure All My Health Problems?

If you’re like me you’ve been hearing all about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) recently and seeing it everywhere on Instagram and Facebook and are wondering…is it really the cure to everything?? We need answers!!
Well let’s start off by figuring out what it actually is. ACV is a fermented fruit juice. It’s made by crushing apples and using bacteria & yeast to ferment the juice…YUM.
There are different types of ACV available. Distilled is clear and great for canning/pickling veggies.… read more “Will Apple Cider Vinegar Cure All My Health Problems?”

Getting Veggie With It: The Plant Based Diet

What does a plant based diet mean? It means exactly what it sounds like: a diet made up entirely of plants. There are many misconceptions when it comes to a plant based diet, and I am here to put those to rest. A lot of people wonder if it’s hard to transition to an all plant diet, and the answer is YES. It is not easy… but once you start to experience the new world of flavors and countless combinations.… read more “Getting Veggie With It: The Plant Based Diet”

No Dairy? No Problem!

Now more than ever people are ditching dairy in favor of non-dairy alternatives. Whether it’s a trendy, you’re lactose intolerant, or you have a milk allergy, it looks like dairy alternatives are here to stay. In just a few years, the market has grown from to feature many different options to suit personal preference and nutritional needs.  There are so many options to choose from it can get overwhelming, so I thought I’d break them down for you!
Soymilk… read more “No Dairy? No Problem!”

Awww nuts….

Today’s topic is all about nuts. For a long time, nuts have been regarded as a “bad” food and criticized for their fat content. Although nuts do contain fat, it’s the type of fat that make these nutrient-rich powerhouses so beneficial to our health. Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats (the good kind of fats), fiber, and plant sterols which can all help reduce inflammation and improve LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). In addition to providing important nutrients such… read more “Awww nuts….”

A2 Milk is HERE!

Do you like milk, but it doesn’t like you? Have you tried lactose free options with no relief? Well, you’re not alone.
If you’ve looked around the milk cooler at your local Reasor’s recently you may have noticed that there’s a new milk available, called A2 milk. But what is A2 milk? What makes it different?
A2 milk is thought to help those who experience discomfort after drinking milk. Research shows that it may cause less stomachaches and digestive discomfort… read more “A2 Milk is HERE!”