Reasor’s New Items for April

Posted on March 27th, 2019

We have always been proud to have a wide variety of items for our customers. That means bringing in the newest items on the market! Check out these new items now available at Reasor’s.

Tropicana Pineapple Mango with Lime or Essentials Probiotics Mango Lemonade:
Take the taste of three bright fruit juices, put them together in one refreshing blend, and you get our Tropicana® Pineapple Mango with Lime drink. No artificial sweeteners. No artificial flavors. Plenty of delicious taste.

Lighten up your day with delicious Tropicana Essentials Probiotics® Mango Lemonade – a refreshing probiotic juice drink with 50% lower sugar than leading lemonades! With a billion live and active cultures in every eight-ounce serving and no artificial flavors, it’s an easy and delicious way to get some good into your routine.

Johnny Pops:
Delightfully creamy smoothie-on-a-stick is the perfect taste-good, feel-good treat. Made with simple ingredients, with real fruit cream and nothing artificial, Jonny Pops are truly scrumptious and meant to be shared.

M&M Hazelnut Candies:
The candies will include the classic milk chocolate coating with a center containing hazelnut spread.

Off the Eaten Path:
If you take the road less traveled, you may be interested in Off the Eaten Path veggie chip snacks. These veggie chip snacks have unexpected ingredient combinations that make for a surprisingly delicious and healthy snack food. These chips are full of natural ingredients, with no artificial colors or flavoring and are made from non-GMO ingredients. They are kosher. They use no artificial preservatives, meaning you could even consider these to be good health veggie chips. The goal of Off the Eaten Path is to reward curiosity with great snacks.

Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil is always fresh, always traceable, always Italian. The best EVOO comes from trees lovingly tended by hand and rooted in the Italian countryside. Small-scale family farming preserves the integrity of the land, and traditional practices are handed down through generations. With the Bellucci traceability app, you can trace each Bellucci bottle of EVOO back to its source in rural Italy.

Live Love Popcorn:
At Live Love Pop®, their mission is to bring you the healthiest, tastiest gourmet popcorn in the world — while also making the world a little bit better than they found it. When you choose Live Love Pop, every flavor you buy supports a different charity. It’s a delicious way to make a difference.

Zeroodle High Protein Bean Pasta:
The Zeroodle product line is a delicious, satisfying, and a healthy alternative to traditional pastas. Packed with protein and fiber, this pasta is versatile enough to use in all of your favorite recipes, with a flavor the whole family can enjoy. Zeroodle’s Bean Pasta has gone through the most rigorous testing for quality, safety, and workmanship so that your family can enjoy a healthy meal knowing only the highest quality products makes it to your dinner table. These products are also certified and approved for Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher and Excellent Taste!

Creative Snacks:
Their award-winning Coconut Snacks and Almond Clusters are made by hand in their bakery with clean ingredients, much care, and plenty of love.

Simple Mills Crackers or Cookies:
Simple Mills enriches lives and bodies through simple, delicious, real foods. They strive to make healthful choices easy by offering food that tastes great in the moment and nourishes your body for the long-term.

They believe if you don’t recognize an ingredient, your body won’t either, so they handpick theirs with purpose – only including things that nourish you. Nothing artificial, ever.

Southern Living Baking Mixes:
Test kitchen approved, just like a bite out of Southern Living.

Caulipower Cauliflowers Pizza:
Caulipower pizza has real cauliflower in the crust. Caulipower is delicious, nutritious, and also just happens to be gluten-free (with less than half the sugar of leading gluten-free pizzas). So eat your veggies. And by that we mean, enjoy your pizza!

Brazi Bites:
In 2010 Brazi Bites was made to share Brazilian Cheese Bread with North America. Their family’s secret recipe for this incredible delicacy uses the perfect blend of only the finest, hand-picked ingredients – like fresh cheese, eggs and milk – with absolutely nothing artificial and naturally gluten free.

Clean Cause Yerba Mate Tea:
Move over coffee, energy drinks and other jittery concoctions, this sparkling yerba mate is CLEAN, organic energy. USDA certified organic, only 60 calories per can, and topped off with 160 mg of natural caffeine from organic yerba mate – you’ll be energizing yourself and recovering with every refreshing sip.

Organic India Organic Herbal Supplements:
With unique whole herb formulas organically grown and ethically produced, ORGANIC INDIA’s herbal supplement line is designed to be both gentle and effective for everyone, regardless of body type.