Reasor’s New Items for May

Posted on May 8th, 2019

Blue Bunny Blue Ribbon Classic Novelties:
Strawberry Shortcake: Thick strawberry flavored center surrounded with smooth vanilla flavored reduced fat ice cream rolled in cake crunch.

Chocolate Éclair: Thick chocolate center surrounded with smooth vanilla flavored reduced fat ice cream rolled in a cake crunch.

Talenti Gelato Layers:
Talenti Gelato Layers is here. Seven fully-loaded new flavors. Five hand-crafted layers in each. One unforgettable bite, after bite, after bite. Try Salted Caramel Truffle, Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake, Vanilla Fudge Cookie, Black Raspberry Vanilla Parfait, and more. This is gelato on a whole new layer. And now … it’s yours.

Two Good Greek Yogurt:
Less sugar, more delicious. That’s two good to be true, right? Nope. Two Good Greek yogurt has 85% less sugar than average yogurts* because it’s made with a unique slow straining process that removes sugar from the milk, leaving 2 grams of total sugar in each 5.3 oz. cup.

Gatorade Zero Sports Drinks:
Developed for athletes that prefer a low-sugar, low-calorie alternative. Gatorade Zero has no sugar with the same electrolytes as Gatorade Thirst Quencher. With three refreshing flavors to keep you in the game, you can tailor your training and nutrition to your taste.

keep you in the game, you can tailor your training and nutrition to your taste.

Annie Chun’s Simple Gourmet Asian Cuisine:
Delicious, easy to prepare, Asian inspired dishes that you can feel good about.

Fuel for Fire Smoothies:
Fuel for Fire, is a portable protein smoothie for active people on-the-go. Made with simple, clean ingredients, Fuel for Fire tastes great and is the ideal smart snack for kids, elite athletes, and everyone in between.

Blue Top Brand Specialty Sauces:
The words “creamy hot sauce” don’t really need a lot of explaining. However, this sauce is special because there’s nothing else like it. Seriously. We like to think of it as the “TOP IT ALL” condiment your food didn’t know it was missing. It’s the perfect balance of heat and flavor so be sure to squeeze it on thick!

Scott and Jon’s by Cheating Gourmet:
Two brothers from Maine with a passion for Seafood and a big appetite for a healthy and delicious food, were inspired to create an easy everyday rice bowl full of tender shrimp, blends of spices and the gourmet ingredients that fuel better living. High in protein and Gluten Free, these dishes are sure to please.

Walke BBQ Sauce:
Since 1996, John and Michelle Walke have built a solid foundation as one of Oklahoma’s finest meat processors and manufacturers of many quality food products. Their BBQ Sauce is the perfect complement to beef, pork and chicken.

Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Boxed Popcorn:
Who doesn’t love buttery, fresh hot popcorn? Now you can get your favorite Ready-To-Eat popcorn brand in a microwave variety with only real ingredients and ultra-delicious taste, at just 35 calories per cup popped.

Simply Protein Bars:
You don’t have to trade anything off with Simply Protein – you really can have it all! Good ingredients, good nutrition and a delicious taste.

Following a minimalist approach and made with clean ingredients, Simply Protein products have 11+ grams of protein and 0-3 grams of sugar. All of our products are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, and do not contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors or colors. All of this in a delicious snack to help make your busy life more simple.

Daiya Frozen Dessert Bars:
Daiya makes dairy-free eating a joy. Their plant-based alternatives provide the delicious characteristics you desire. Whether you suffer from allergies, are dairy-intolerant, living vegan or simply choosing a healthier lifestyle, Daiya is the perfect choice. That’s why they make their products free from some of the most common food allergens, including, dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, peanuts, fish, and shellfish.

Red Rock Deli Style Potato Chips:
New deli-style potato chips.Lime & Cracked Pepper, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Red Curry Coconut potato chips.

It’s never just snacking. It’s #snackingfantasic

Reign Energy Drinks:
Blended with BCAAs, 300 mg of Natural Caffeine, CoQ10 & electrolytes, REIGN Total Body Fuel is designed for your active lifestyle. Offering zero sugar, zero calories, & zero artificial flavors & colors, REIGN Total Body Fuel is the ultimate fitness-focused beverage to support your performance needs.

Nature by Canus Bar Soap, Body Wash or Lotion:
Made with fresh Goat’s Milk which is one of Mother Nature’s most nurturing ingredients. It has been used in skin care for centuries and is best known for its superior moisturizing properties.

Shorter protein strands allow for easy absorption. A whole host of natural minerals and vitamins in fresh goat’s milk are absorbed right along with all that protein, helping to nourish healthy skin and heal the rough patches.

Grandma’s Laundry Soaps:
This pure, natural laundry soap contains no detergents, dyes or fragrance to irritate sensitive skin. When used in conjunction with GRANDMA’S Lye Soap eliminates detergents, dyes and fragrances from skin and clothes. It has very low suds and the product is safe for HE washers.

Funk Away Odor Eliminator:
Stubborn smells don’t stand a chance against the exclusive OM Complex™ found in the Funk Away Odor Eliminator products. Unlike flowery sprays that only cover up odors caused by sweat, Funk Away breaks them down until they no longer exist. Their laundry detergent booster can save your sweaty clothes, but not everything can be thrown in the washing machine. In a few easy steps, Funk Away can get rid of the overwhelming odors on the bulky, non-washable items your loved ones’ wear at work or at play.