Reasor’s Welcomes Kerry Henning of Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese to Select Locations

Posted on October 23rd, 2019

Reasor’s, a proud supporter of the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, welcomes Cheesemaker, Kerry Henning of Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese to two locations on the weekend of October 25th.

Kerry Henning is continuing his family’s 100-plus-year-old cheese making tradition with his son and nephew. Kerry’s cheese is top-notch, thanks to his Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker certifications. The Master’s program is the only one in the U.S., enhancing the quality image of what is already the nation’s premier cheesemaking state and the unparalleled standards of Wisconsin cheesemaking.

“Making cheese the old-fashioned way is hard work, but the praise we receive from our customers makes it all worthwhile” Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Kerry Henning.

Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese is a fourth generation cheese factory based in Kiel, Wisconsin.

Come and learn how their cheeses are made and what makes theirs special over other cheeses.

October 25th, 4pm – 7pm
Reasor’s, 41st & Peoria
3915 S. Peoria Ave.
Tulsa, Ok 74105

October 26th, 11am – 2pm
Reasor’s, Broken Arrow
1100 E. Kenosha
Broken Arrow, Ok 74012