New Items at Reasor’s

Posted on February 21st, 2019

We have always been proud to have a wide variety of items for our customers.  That means bringing in the newest items on the market!  Check out these new items now available at Reasor’s.



Pepperidge Farm Epic Crunch Goldfish Baked Tortilla Snacks:

Snack time has hit EPIC heights with Pepperidge Farm’s New Epic Crunch Baked Tortilla Snacks.  Bigger in size than regular Goldfish, these tortilla snacks have bold flavor and BIG crunch!  With flavors like Epic Crunch Nacho, Epic Crunch Ranch and Epic Crunch Honey BBQ your taste buds will screaming for more.

Goodie Girl Cookies:


Gluten Free doesn’t have to mean dry and tasteless!  Goodie Girl Cookies have broken the mold for gluten free cookies!  Delicious cookies in all of your favorite flavors; Toffee Crunch, Mint Cookies even Double Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake.  Check out their website for gluten free recipes using their phenomenal cookies.  Gluten Free has never tasted so good.

Uglies Kettle Cooked Potato Chips:

26% of produce gets rejected for cosmetic reasons, which leads to over 6 billion pounds of produce that goes unharvested or unsold for aesthetic reasons.  Dieffenbach’s is offering a solution to part of the problem.  They purchase and process these potatoes with slight cosmetic imperfections and farmer’s surplus for their Uglies brand.  They are kettle cooked in small batches, are manufactured in their own plant, uses fresh custom seasonings.  They will have brown edges, brown spots or be darker all over, but their flavor is still delicious.  When you buy Uglies Kettle Cooked Chips you can feel good about preventing food waste.

Zevia Teas:


Zevia Organic Tea is the first and only zero calorie, zero sugar tea platform.  It is naturally sweetened with Stevia, is brewed with USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified Tea.

UnMomento Coffee:

Life is busy, so the mission of the UnMomento Coffee Company is to provide coffee that gives you permission to take a moment for yourself to enjoy and truly savor.  Distinguished by quality, tradition, and careful selection, UnMomento offers premium 100% Arabica beans harvested from the peaks of Latin America to brew, sip and savor at home.  With many delectable flavors to choose from, it will be hard to choose a favorite! From Dulce de Leche to a standard Breakfast Blend, there’s a flavor for everyone’s taste.

Optimal Nutrition Amin.o. Energy Drink:

With Optimum Nutrition Amin.O. Energy you can get the energy + focus to achieve your goals and take on whatever life throws at you. Essential Amin.O. Energy is scientifically designed to provide energy to support you + your long-term training.

M&M’s Chocolate Bars:

This just in – M&M’S® Minis Milk Chocolate Candy Bars. Enjoy all the fun of M&M’S® Candy, now packed into a king size candy bar. Each extra-large chocolate bar is made with milk chocolate and filled with everyone’s favorite M&M’S® Minis Candies. Hand-deliver guaranteed fun when you gift someone one of these delicious candy bars; they’re perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas stockings, Easter baskets and more.

Cheez-It Snap’d Crackers:

These new Cheez-It crackers have curves and snaps all in the right places!  These new cheesy, thin & crispy crackers are the perfect snack when you just need that little bit of extra.

Snickers Creamy Bars:

The wait is over! Snickers Creamy Bars are the perfect combination of creamy nut butters and caramel with its smooth chocolate exterior!  With the love of nut butters on the rise, Snickers has created three varieties of Creamy Bars; Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and a Maple Almond Butter to satisfy those nut butter cravings.

Peet’s True Iced Espresso:

Inspired by top-selling espresso drinks at their coffeebars, Peet’s pairs their signature, dark roast Colombian espresso with fresh milk and pure cane sugar for a rich, creamy treat. Peet’s True Iced Espresso is a better coffee indulgence.  It is available in multiple flavors like Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Latte and Mocha.

Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Bars:

“Eat like your life depends on it, because it does”, says Mark Sisson creator of Primal Kitchen products.  He believes that food is healing and can lift you to new heights to find the greatest amount of pleasure, joy and contentment from every moment.  Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Bars live up to that standard.  These collagen fuel bars nourish your body from the inside out.  They are packed with protein and collagen and are paleo friendly, free of gluten, grains, whey and soy.

Karma Snack Cashews:


Cashews are the perfect snack.  They are a good source of 5 essential minerals, and are full of nutrition.  The difference in Karma Snack Cashews is the way they are prepared.  They are air roasted to keep them minimally processed and they are uniquely flavored.  Multiple varieties are available like Cinnamon wrapped that are sweet and savory with hints of cinnamon spice and vanilla.  These cashews are dry roasted with their natural skins so they’re extra crunchy and nutritious. If you prefer a more natural flavor, the Lightly Salted Wrapped variety is dry roasted in their natural skin without added oil and just a hint of sea salt.  Perfect for an on the go snack!

Forto Coffee Shots:

Take your coffee to the next level! Get your favorite cup of coffee in a 2 oz. shot.  Delicious flavors like Hershey’s Chocolate Lattes, Pure Black, or Vanilla Latte, just to name a few!  Perfect for people on the go that need energy to keep on going!

Farmwise Veggie Fries or Tots:

Farmwise offers today’s health conscious consumer a variety of flavorful, nutritious food choices.  These fries and tots are non-GMO verified made with gluten free ingredients and vegan.  Don’t let the freezer case fool you.  Just because a food is frozen, don’t think that it holds less nutritional value than fresh foods do.